Lead-Based Paint Visual Inspections (Rental Properties)

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The Lead-Based Paint Inspection Law (P.L. 2021, c.182)

Effective July 22, 2022, New Jersey P.L.2021, Chapter 182, requires all Pre -1978 rental properties to be visually inspected for the presence of lead-based paint hazards and receive a Lead-Safe Certificate. N.J.A.C. 5:28A, requires the Township or a Third-Party Certified Lead Evaluation Contractors to perform the visual inspections of these rental dwellings (single-family, two-family, and multiple family units) for presence of lead-based paint hazards every three years or upon tenant turnover where there is no valid lead-safe certification. 

Lead-Safe Certificates are valid for two years. If the Lead-Safe Certificate has expired, and there is a tenant turnover, an inspection will be necessary before the subsequent three-year inspection cycle.

The following rental dwelling-units are exempt from Visual Lead-Based Paint Inspections:

  • Those constructed during or after 1978;
  • Those already certified to be free of lead-based paint;
  • Those holding a valid lead-safe certification.
  • Single-family or two-family seasonal rental dwelling which is rented for less than six months duration each year by tenants that do not have consecutive lease renewals; or
  • Multiple rental dwellings that have been registered with the Department of Community Affairs for at least ten (10) years and have no outstanding lead violations from the most recent cyclical inspection performed on the multiple dwelling under the “Hotel and Multiple Dwelling Law” (N.J.S.A. 55:13A-1, et seq.).

Property Owners opting to utilize a Third-Party Certified Lead Evaluation Contractor to perform visual inspections are required to file Lead-Safe Certificates with the Health Department. For additional information, or to schedule a Lead-Based Paint Visual Inspection, call the Township of Mount Olive Health Department at (973) 691-0900 Ext. 7330.

Lead Evaluation Contractors

Lead Evaluation Contractors are certified by the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) to perform lead-safe and lead-free inspections. If you do not want the Health Department to conduct property's Lead-Safe Inspection or want to obtain a Lead-Free Certificate, you may use a certified contractor listed below: 

Lead Abatement Contractors

If you decide to undertake lead abatement to remediate lead-based hazards, you may use a Department of Community Affairs (DCA) Certified Contractor listed below: 

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