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Mount Olive Township Service Request and Status

Notify Mount Olive Township of a hazard or something which needs attention within the Township. (This is not part of the Township's Formal Complaint System). If you wish to log a formal complaint, please call the Administration Building at (973) 691-0900 to give them your comments.

To create a service request please click the link below.

You will be redirected to the Mount Olive iWorq portal. To open a new request click "Submit Request". To check on a previously submitted request click "Find your Request Here"

Please enter in all the information pertaining to your request. By entering in your email address it will allow us to communicate with you regarding your request. Submit your request by clicking the blue “submit request” box on the bottom of the page. A request number will be assigned. After the request has been reviewed, you will recieve an email with an update.