Individual Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems

Septic System

(Updated June 21, 2022)

The Environmental Division inspects the installation and repairs of septic systems to ensure that sewage is properly disposed. Assisting in the protection of groundwater sources, and the avoidance of nuisance conditions. Prior to use, newly constructed, upgraded or repaired septic systems must be inspected and certified as being in compliance with both state regulations and local ordinances by the Health Department. All work conducted must be done so by a septic contractor licensed by the Mount Olive Health Department. An application for septic system construction, alterations/repairs, and a list of Township of Mount Olive Septic Installers can be found below: 

Engineer Evaluation Requirements (Important!!!) 

Proposed additions/alterations to residential structures/commercial facilities serviced by an individual subsurface sewage disposal system, and malfunctioning systems must be evaluated by an professional  engineer. 

For additional information, please contact the Health Department at (973) 691-0900 EXT. 7330.

License to Operate (LTO) Septic System Program 

It is important to maintain and regularly pump your septic system. Regular maintenance could save you money over the life of the system. Repairs and system replacements can be costly! Failure to properly maintain your septic system could also be dangerous to your health. When the septic system stops working properly, solid wastes, floatables, and scum can flow into the groundwater or lawn surfaces. 

In accordance with Township of Mount Olive Township Administrative Code Section 445-6, properties serviced by a septic system are REQUIRED to enroll into the Township of Mount Olive Health Department’s License to Operate (LTO) Program.

Benefits of License to Operate (LTO) Program Enrollment:

  1. Reduces and/or eliminates environmental threats posed by pollutants in household and commercial wastewater.
  2. Promotes increased longevity of the septic systems.
  3. Educates residents on the proper septic system maintenance practices. 
  4. Reduced occurrence of septic system failures and costly repairs. 

Once enrolled, property owners are required to:

  • Pump the(1st) tank of their septic system once every three years. Note: septic tanks shall only be pumped by Township of Mount Olive Health Department Licensed Septic Haulers.


  • Obtain a septic system inspection report prepared by a licensed professional engineer indicating that the system has been maintained and doesn’t need pumping.  

An application for enrollment and renewal into the License to Operate (LTO) Program, and a list of Township of Mount Olive Septic Haulers can be found below:

For additional information, please contact the Health Department at (973) 691-0900 EXT. 7330.