Clothing Recycling Bin at the Recycling Center

Mt. Olive is partnering with Millennium International Textiles, to recycle your clothing, shoes and accessories. Millennium is a local business in Flanders that recycles clothing and accessories, and distributes them to Third World Countries such as Tanzania, East Africa and Guatemala, Central America. The bin is light green in color, and has the logo "Re-Use America" placed on the front of the bin. They are accepting:

  • All clothing
  • Shoes (preferably no skates)
  • Accessories: belts, hats, soft caps, baseball hats, wallets
  • Soft Luggage: school bags, backpacks, soft travel bags, children's bags
  • Soft toys: stuffed animals
  • Hard toys: dolls, cars, etc…
  • (No furniture or large items please)