Administration Division

Administration Division 

Chief Of Police

Chief Executive Officer

The Chief of Police shall be the head of the Mount Olive Police Department and shall be directly responsible to the Appropriate Authority for its efficiency and day-to-day operations.  The Chief of Police shall exercise any and all of the rights, authorities, powers and responsibilities reserved solely to the Chief of Police as set forth in N.J.S.A. 40A:14-118.  The Chief of Police will at minimum;

  • Administer and enforce the rules and regulations of the Police Department and any special emergency directives for the disposition and discipline of the Department and its officers and personnel.
  • Have, exercise, and discharge the functions, powers and duties of the Police  Department.
  • Prescribe the duties and assignments of all subordinates and other personnel.
  • Delegate such of his authority as he may deem necessary for the efficient operation of the Police Department to be exercised under his direction and supervision.
  • Report to the appropriate authority in such form as shall be prescribed by such authority on the operation of the department and make such other reports as may be requested by such authority.


Operations Commander

The Captains are the Operations Commanders and will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the entire department.  The Captain will also be responsible for the assignment of functional responsibilities. Annually or whenever required The Captain shall prepare on a Personnel Order an assignment list of functional responsibilities for the department.  In addition, the Captain shall be the department's Selection and Recruitment Coordinator and responsible for the regular planning, coordination and hiring of all police and civilian personnel. The Captain shall be designated the responsibility as Acting Chief of Police in his/her absence. The Captain will also be responsible for at minimum;

  • Operations
  • Selection
  • Scheduling
  • Evaluations
  • Professional Development
  • Budget
  • Training
  • Discipline
  • Planning
  • Purchasing
  • Promotions
  • Investigation
  • Payroll
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Recruiting
  • Policy
  • Personnel
  • Acting Chief

Administrative Assistant

  • Responsibilities Include:
  • Payroll
  • Time Balance Management
  • Purchasing
  • Accounts Payable
  • Personnel
  • Uniform Crime Reporting
  • Chief's Assistant
  • Certified 911 & EMD Instructor