Public Health Nursing

Vaccines, health screenings, and immunizations and much more.

Public health nurses work on improving the health of the residents in the areas they serve. They provide screening tests to ensure that infectious diseases are identified, treated, and contained. Our Public Health Nurse also works on communicable disease investigation by identifying patterns of illnesses, providing immunizations and tracking patterns of disease outbreaks.

Current programs offered by The Township of Mount Olive Health Department's Public Health Nurse Are:

  • Child Health Clinics
    • The Township of Mount Olive sponsors free child health exams and vaccines for resident infants and children who do not have health insurance or have NJ Family Care A. A licensed Pediatrician performs the physical examinations and updates vaccinations.
  • Men's Health Clinics
    • A free DRE prostate exam is offered to all resident men. Separately, the blood screenings in spring and fall offer an option for the prostate-specific antigen test.
  • Women's Health Clinics
    • A free examination and thin-prep pap test if offered to resident women annually. Appointments are required and preference is given to women without health insurance. Information on low-cost mammogram providers is offered.
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Blood Screenings
    • Blood screenings are offered in the spring and fall. A complete blood count, comprehensive metabolic panel and lipid profile are included. Fasting is required. The cost for adults aged 18-59 is $25.00. Older adults aged 60+ will be charged $12.00. Additional test options are offered at an additional cost for hemoglobin A1c, prostate-specific antigen, C-reactive protein and Lyme antibody.
  • Immunization Appointments
    • The public health nurse will update vaccinations for children over age four if they do not have health insurance or have NJ Family Care A. Appointments required.
  • Flu Vaccines
    • Influenza vaccination clinics are held in the fall for all residents. Both High Dose for those over age 65 and regular influenza vaccines are available for all ages.
  • Blood Pressure Screenings 
    • Blood Pressure Screenings are held prior to the Mount Olive Senior Club meeting at least monthly. Residents wishing to check their blood pressure privately, may schedule an appointment with the public health nurse.