Board of Health

The Mount Olive Board of Health

New Jersey Statute requires that each municipality have a Board of Health. Boards of Health, depending on the municipality's form of government, can be advisory, autonomous, or the town council. Mount Olive's Board of Health is autonomous. Its members are appointed by the Township's governing body and serve a three year term. As an autonomous body, the Board of Health makes policy decisions regarding purpose, function, goals, and activities of the Health Department. The Board selects, employs, and evaluates the Health Officer who serves as the Chief Executive of the Health Department. The Health Officer reports to the Board and is responsible to it. The Board amends and adopts ordinances related to public health. Finally, the Board of Health establishes a budget for the Department based on recommendations of the Health Officer and available funds as allocated by the Township's Governing Body.

Board Members

Name Title
Colleen Labow Chair
Dr. Steve Abrams Vice-Chair
Mark Kana, RPH, CCP Member
Dr. Charles T. Wallack Member
Dr. Anthony Miccio Member
Laura Hawkins Member
Peter King, Esq Attorney
Michele Doucette Secretary
Kathleen Olup