Soil / Fill Importation


February 26, 2021


In an effort to protect our community from “clean fill” that may not be so clean, the Mount Olive Mayor and Council adopted an ordinance to proactively regulate imported soil. The “Guard Your Backyard” campaign was initiated by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection which gave municipalities the guidance to ensure the fill used in our community is clean, safe and contaminate free on residential, construction and development sites.

The new law requires property owners receiving over 15 cubic yards (one dump truck) per year of soil/fill material to first obtain a permit from the Township and have the supplier show proof that the soil/fill material has been tested and is deemed to be acceptable.  The soil/fill material must meet the NJDEP stringent requirements of acceptable material.  While clean soil or “clean fill” is often trucked to residential sites across New Jersey, “clean fill” that is sold or offered free of charge may contain contaminates that should not be on any property.  Generally, fill refers to material placed on land for the purpose of filling low areas, changing the contours of an area, stabilizing existing grades and raising the grade of an area.  Fill which includes debris (wood, metals, plastics, wire, wallboard, roofing materials, insulation, carpets or padding, trash, etc.) is considered solid waste, cannot be used as fill and must be disposed at an approved solid waste disposal facility.

Council President Joe Nicastro stated "Making sure that we keep our soil clean is vital to keeping our Township clean of contaminants and safe for our residents.  Protecting our environment and protecting resident’s is a top priority."

Any property owner who is accepting soil/fill shall contact the Mount Olive Public Works Department to file their permit. A $150 application fee is required. Soil / Fill Permit. Any field monitoring inspections and/or analytical testing may require additional escrow.  Within 30 days after receipt of the application, the Township Engineer shall review the application and either approve or deny the application.

This effort is one strategy to help reduce illegal dumping.  Residents are encouraged to report dumping to the Township Zoning Officer and through the DEP’s mobile app found at the website

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