Mount Olive Township TNR Volunteer Group

Consisting of residents who volunteer their time, do all aspects of the TNR Project, from outreach to trapping, transport, post-operative care, long-term oversight of cats and caregivers, and fostering and adoptions.

Pet Adoption

Please contact us if you are looking to adopt a dog or a cat. We sometimes have pets in our pound that have gone unclaimed and need a home; however, we are not a rescue and, usually, will try to find a rescue group to accept transfer of a dog or a cat.

Contact Us

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  • mtolivetnr [at] (Email)

Please note, this volunteer group does not provide animal control services. If you need to reach the Mt. Olive TNR Project to assist with feral cats or kittens, please call them at (973) 804-6273. If you need assistance with any other kind of animal, please contact the Animal Control at (973) 691-0900 ext. 7334.