About Planning & Zoning

The Planning office is responsible for administering and enforcing the Township's Zoning, Subdivision, and Site Plan Review Ordinances. The office reviews all building permit applications to ensure compliance with the zoning ordinance. This office is also responsible for planning activities related to the long-term development of the community. This is largely accomplished through amending and updating of the Township Master Plan.

Zoning issues often arise when homeowners seek to construct fences, decks, pools, and sheds. Zoning permit is required for all fences, decks, pools, and sheds regardless of their height and/or size. There is a fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) residential / one hundred dollars ($100.00) commercial. Download one of the Zoning Permits. Building permits are required for all decks, sheds and fence over six feet in height. The Building Division should be contacted after you get your zoning permit to obtain the building permits.

Sign permits are required for all freestanding signs, wall signs, and Banner-type signs prior to their installation.

Home-based businesses can be operated from a residential property, subject to satisfying the standards in the zoning ordinance. These standards are intended to ensure that the home-based business does not negatively impact the residential character of the neighborhood.

A copy of the Township Zoning Ordinance is available to the public for review online by clicking on the following underlined link, Mt. Olive Township Codebook, or a copy may be purchased from the Planning Department for forty ($40.00) dollars.

A copy of the zoning and street maps can be purchased from the Planning Department for five ($5.00) dollars each as well as the reexamination of the master plan can be purchased for five ($5.00) dollars.