Hydrant Flushing Program to Begin

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Yellow Fire Hydrant pouring water.

The Mount Olive Township Water Department works very hard to deliver our customers quality water that meets all Federal and State standards. Hydrant Flushing is a program we have in place to help maintain those standards. All Township- owned water systems are scheduled for flushing beginning the week of April 15, 2024. The information provided in this bulletin addresses some of the more commonly asked questions concerning hydrant flushing and should help to give our customers insight into why we perform this program. If you have any further questions or experience problems, feel free to contact Michael Lata at (973) 584 -7086 between the hours of 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

What is hydrant flushing?
Hydrant flushing is the process of opening each fire hydrant and forcing water through the mains of our distribution system to dislodge small particles of rust and sediment that have built up over time. Although the sediment does not pose as a health risk, it can result in discolored water when water travels through the mains during periods of peak demand. Hydrant flushing is an essential function of the Water Department to help maintain the delivery of quality water to its customers.

How often does hydrant flushing need to be done?
The frequency of hydrant flushing varies from one water system to the next depending on each system’s characteristics. The Mount Olive Water Department performs this program two/three times per year, usually during months when the demand for water is low. Our flushing program also includes the ongoing process of testing and maintaining fire hydrants. Our hydrant testing is combined with the flushing program so that the amount of water lost during the process is minimized. Water conservation practices apply to the water purveyor the same as they would apply to the customer.

Is hydrant flushing going to interrupt my water service?
No. The Mount Olive Water Department flushes water mains during off-peak hours to alleviate any inconvenience to its customers. However, customers may experience discolored water for short periods of time while flushing is being done in their neighborhoods. Any discoloration will disappear rapidly if you keep the water running. We suggest waiting until the water clears up before you engage in consumption or washing clothes and dishes.

How long will this take place?
The Mount Olive Water Department anticipates completion of the program within two weeks. Any water discoloration you may experience should end by Friday, April 26, 2024.