Tim Jacobus Exclusive Mt Olive print

mt olive print

Thank you Tim Jacobus international, local and home town illustrator. Many of you will know him as the illustrator of Goosebumps. We are fortunate to have him create an illustration for our 150th Anniversary .

tim Jacobus print

The concept behind the Mount Olive anniversary illustration is the perpetual changing landscape of our town through the 4 seasons. Each season is unique in it’s look and the activities that we all engage in. The width of the image allowed for each season’s visual representation: from Spring on the left through Winter on the right. This tree is real. It exists on the north eastern shore of Budd Lake. I can’t be sure of it’s exact age, but I’ll bet it’s witnessed most of Mount Olive’s sun rises over the past 150 years.

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Special thanks the Hunkele Equities for their continued support as well.

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