Meeting Dates & Resolution



NJSA 10: 4-18


BE IT RESOLVED by the Planning Board of the Township of Mount Olive, County of Morris, New Jersey, as follows:


The Planning Board will hold public meetings during the calendar year of 2020 at which time formal action on development applications may be taken on the dates listed below.  The meetings will commence at 7:00 pm at the Mount Olive Township Municipal Building, 204 Flanders-Drakestown Road, Budd Lake, New Jersey.  The Board may reserve time at such meetings for general workshop sessions.


The exact dates of these meetings are as follows:


 January           16                     2020

February          13    &     20         2020

March              12   &      19         2020

April                9     &     16         2020

May                 14     &    21         2020

June                 11   &      18         2020

July                  9       &   16         2020

August             13    &     20         2020

September       10     &    17         2020

October           8   &      15         2020

November       12                     2020

December        10   &      17         2020

January            14                     2021 Reorganization & Public Meeting


A certified copy of this Resolution shall be forwarded to the Morristown Daily Record, Mount Olive Chronicle, and posted on the Municipal Building bulletin board.


In the event that any special meetings are called, a forty-eight (48) hour notice of said meetings, together with a copy of the agenda for that meeting, will be forwarded to the above mentioned newspaper and will be posted on the Municipal Building bulletin board.


The secretary will keep a list of those citizens who wish to receive copies of such notices and agendas and shall mail copies of same, at cost, to those who shall desire them.


No new applications will be discussed at 10:00 pm unless the Planning Board agrees to permit the start of a new application.


Township of Mount Olive

Planning Board

Howie Weiss, Chairman


Attest to:

Mary Strain

Planning Board Secretary

Dated:  January 9, 2020