Investigations Division


The Investigations Division, under the supervision of Detective Lieutenant Lou Sanchez, is staffed by four Detectives and two Sergeants. Detectives have a variety of responsibilities including:

  • Performing all major investigative activities of the department.
  • Performing follow-up investigations of serious and vice crimes.
  • Conducting thorough investigations, gathering and preserving evidence, making arrests, and testifying in court.
  • Seeking and developing sources of information.
  • Interrogating suspects and witnesses.
  • Interviewing suspects and witnesses, taking written statements.
  • Maintaining surveillance over persons and places suspected of illegal operations.
  • Participating in the search and booking of persons arrested.
  • Preparing cases for prosecution by means of accurate and detailed record keeping.
  • Recovering stolen property for the purpose of evidence and , if appropriate return to its owner.
  • Performing all identification functions.
  • Processing juvenile offenders.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Lou Sanchez Detective Lieutenant (973) 691-0900 x #7588