About The MOEDC

The Mount Olive Economic Development Committee (MOEDC) is committed to developing an economical and business-friendly environment that facilitates job creation and retention in a community that encourages business growth and to contribute to building a world-class community in a small town setting by enhancing the quality of life of the citizens of our community and improving their economic opportunity and material welfare.

Historical Perspective:
Mount Olive Township is truly a remarkable community. It is a regional center for healthcare, retail, education and manufacturing. It is the home of the International Trade Zone housing research, development and manufacturing companies including Mars Global and Chocolate divisions, Givaudan Fragrances, Robertet, Integrated Microwave Technologies, Fratelli Beretta Foods, Seiko, Bosal, UPS, and FedEx among its tenants. Mount Olive is also proud to be the Regional Manufacturing and Research Center for Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics and the R&D Division of Benjamin-Moore Paint Products. It has enjoyed exceptional growth in employment and income throughout the post-war period. It has become a selected location for numerous metropolitan companies.

Regional issues of quality of life are increasingly important to our ability to attract people and companies to Mount Olive Township…

  • Creating a community where children wish to stay or to which they will return after getting their education
  • Keeping current businesses in the community thriving
  • Being a welcoming community that encourages diversity and promotes inclusiveness
  • Offering opportunities for personal growth for all residents
  • Creating a “family friendly” community where people can spend time with their families and where the development of youth is a top priority for the community
  • Wanting economic success to benefit all members of the community
  • Focus on retention of existing businesses
  • Defining and assisting in Marketing of available open commercial and retail real-estate

The economic development strategy for Mount Olive is a plan for improving the economic opportunity and material welfare of the population of the Mount Olive area.